Cable Stripping

Fol­low­ing prod­ucts are avai­l­able: the new coaxial ca­ble strip­ping ma­chine ST730T, the high pre­ci­sion wire strip­ping ma­chine ST215 / ST215W and our small but pow­er­ful hand tool Min­iStrip.

For spe­cial ap­pli­ca­tions we can mod­i­fy our ma­chine or tools to meet your re­quire­ments.

New ST730T with Touch Screen

Pro­grammable strip­ping ma­chine for coaxial ca­bles up to 7mm OD.

De­tails ST730T

ST215 / ST215W

High pre­ci­sion strip­ping ma­chine for ca­bles up to 2.5mm OD.

De­tails ST215 / ST215W


High pre­ci­sion strip­ping tool for ca­bles up to 2.5mm OD.

De­tails Min­istrip

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